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pathological lying


I figured I wouldn't get a response, and I didn't. all part of his game, a petulant, albeit weak, power-play. next morning, I emailed him and said since I'm catching a plane, call me by noon and let me know when he sent the papers so I'd know they're on the way, or tell me I can pick them up. I concluded the message that if he didn't respond, I'd just assume he wants me to file the motion to find him in contempt.

while I was on the plane, he left 3 messages. I caught his 4th call as I was leaving the terminal. he had the papers for me to pick up.

wow, you're dumb

ok, so my Narcissistic ex-husband with a capital N has a myspace page (what good Narcissist wouldn't?), and I check it once in a while to see if there's any useful dirt. there never is.

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