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pathological lying

the high cost of endlessly riding the legal merry-go-round

the custody issue is settled. my children now have a court-appointed parenting time advocate: their therapist. I feel like that's a huge win in this resource-sucking war.

I have no illusions about how this is going to work out, however. I used to dream that my narcissistic ex would consider the kids feelings. that he would try to get to know them. that he would realize, maybe, that the world doesn't revolve around him.

"I was wrong."

it's like a broken record.

"I was wrong to do that".

less grey matter


pathological liars have less grey matter than average folk. I always wondered why my Narcissist didn't seem to go through the same thought processes that I did... like he skipped entire chunks of reasoning before spewing bullshit out of his mouth.


I didn't see it, therefore it either (a) doesn't exist, or (b) it's your fault

all those years I lived with my Narcissist, I learned a Very Important Truth:

if he didn't know something or do something, it was either because (a) it didn't actually exist in his universe or (b) I'd failed somehow to make sure he knew or did what he was supposed to.

I'd piss myself, I really would

today I got a packet of papers from my lawyer. I can't begin to convey the feeling of relief I have that I have someone taking care of this for me. it's worth all the money I went into debt for to make this happen.

if I was my ex, I'd piss myself. then I'd go get a lawyer. the main point of getting a lawyer would be to stop me (if I were him) from doing more stupid stuff. since I'm me and he's himself, I don't know what he'll do, but I know he'll think I'm not being fair. he'll complain to people about what a bitch I am. he'll get scared because his lies are getting looked at. then he'll either start looking for a lawyer, or he'll put every ounce of his energy into ignoring the situation, because when you ignore something hard enough, it might just go away.

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