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Prolonged Exposure Therapy: Retrospect

I never did finish blogging about my experience with Prolonged Exposure Therapy. there were two sessions left, and I know I promised to catch up, but I decided not to.

here's why: I don't want or need to right now. I felt a little guilty at first, and wanted to "finish the project" by finishing the blog posts, but for the first time in years I found myself looking living in the present instead of feeling stuck in the past. so I just didn't sit down to write. since I didn't want to write those posts, I've avoided blogging in favor of other things.

today feels like a good day to wrap it up.

people who bluster over stupid shit

I've been really busy with assessments for both my kid and myself, but had to take a minute to post this dialog between me and my neighbor that occurred just a while ago.

I've been dealing with his control issues since we moved in. he has pruned my trees without permission and given me endless and unwanted advice on my yard, even admonishing me that I should keep it so it fits in with the neighborhood (more on that another time).

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