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wow, you're dumb

ok, so my Narcissistic ex-husband with a capital N has a myspace page (what good Narcissist wouldn't?), and I check it once in a while to see if there's any useful dirt. there never is.

breaking free from the disordered

I realized something. something important, so important that this past month I've become a person I've never met before.

my ex husband is a Narcissist. yes, with a capital N. not your garden-variety ego, but a shattered, disordered, defective mind.

my own insanity suddenly makes sense. I felt a weird shift, almost like that feeling you get on a rope swing when you manage to get it going so high the rope slackens before gravity pulls you back, and you let go so that you float, with no handhold, no grasp on anything tangible.

you float.

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