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family therapy

when someone can't parent....

I'm faced with a dilemma.

I have her address, her phone number, her work address. I've seen a picture of her house. I even know her professional specialty and that she has a jacuzzi.

she's a counselor, an addictions therapist. this I find ironic. I've chuckled off and on about it since I dug up the info earlier today.

yet it angers me. here is a woman who should know better than to do what she's already been a party to.

my lion tattoo

when I turned 40, I got a lion tattoo. a lion rampant, holding the sun in its paws. to me, it represents my spirit. I'm stronger than I ever thought I was.

that year, my life changed more than it had at any time during the 15 years before, which is saying a lot. I'd had two children during those previous years, but this year I started to wake out of a stupor and see my husband for what he is.

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