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the day of judgment is upon us

I've had so much to write about lately, but a great deal of fear over committing it to writing and sharing it publicly, mostly because my life, and the lives of my children, have been upended and shaken during the last few months and saying anything during the court-ordered family evaluation seemed unwise at best. I was also in the process of getting myself assessed for an autistic spectrum disorder. I am one of those individuals that falls into the part of the spectrum called Asperger's Syndrome. as it turns out, my son is one, too. more on that another day; back to the subject at hand...

the family evaluator's report is done, and I'm relieved. my ex has agreed to settle custody issues out of court.

the evaluator recommends that I get full custody of both of my children. good thing, too, since my ex dropped my son off at my house, with no notice, in the midst of one of his (my ex's) regularly scheduled hissy fits during which he decided he didn't want to deal with parenting anymore. the evaluator also recognized that my ex has been alienating the kids, using them to create conflict, and neglected my son's mental health program.

at last! I've been documenting the issue for five years, and finally someone noticed. I'm not crazy. my concerns are validated. my ex's behavior was wrong.

given the documentation of the issues, my lawyer approached my ex's lawyer with an offer to settle the custody issues out of court, so unless he has another narcissistic fit, we can simply go to court and record the agreement. parenting will now be coordinated through the kids' therapist. I won't be the only one documenting issues. finally, a neutral party with an interest in the well-being of my children will be keeping an eye on things.


then in a few weeks we'll go in and duke it out over the financial issues. then I hope I can just go back to being a mom and get to work on my own ongoing issues with PTSD.