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when school starts to suck

my youngest child, a second-grader, was just diagnosed with ADHD and depression. I decided to get the assessment done because, although she's clearly intelligent, she's becoming so averse to school that her little life seems to be crumbling before my eyes.

I took the assessment summary to her teacher, and this is how it went (edited for length):

me: my daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and I wanted to get this summary to you because I think it will help us figure out what changes are going to help her the most.

teacher: what? she's is doing fine in school.

me: no she's not. she hates homework, she tested low in math, and she's discouraged and depressed and if we're not proactive, it's going to get worse.

teacher: what? she seems so happy and she's improved a lot this year.

me: then why are her grades going down? she puts on a happy face and tries hard to get along with everyone, but she's really stressed out and frustrated. she wants to be moved from the table with the other rambunctious kids so she can concentrate. I think she can sit at a table by herself when she needs to do quiet work.

teacher: if we isolate her, then how will we work on social skills?

me, trying not to look like I've just heard the most retarded thing ever: she tested really high in interpersonal skills and she's extremely social, so how about we don't worry about that and just work on giving her a chance to build good classroom work habits without other kids getting in her face while she's trying to concentrate, which (by the way) is a real challenge for her?

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