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somewhere in there I lost one of my kids

december was a busy month... got through the last hearing plus aftermath and the holidays. still have legal mop-up to do.

happy new year.

my ex-husband did not attend the hearing. the judge decided my requests were not reasonable and made my lawyer present my case as if my ex was in the room. she eventually decided to recalculate alimony and child support based on imputed wages for the ex, so I was successful in getting the court to recognize that he's underemployed by choice. the judge then proceeded to calculate new support amounts, and reduced child support by $100 per month.

I was in shock afterward as I attempted to assess what I could change in life to hold on to our house... maybe I could get rid of my car. the lack of adequate child care was going to be a problem, I knew that was going to come to a head soon and if I lost my job we'd be sunk. in the process of considering these things, I ran the numbers based on my ex's new income amount and came up with a higher number, for both alimony and child support.

so I emailed my lawyer and told him what I got, and I even sent him a copy of the child support worksheet from the court website, and he insisted that the judge's numbers were correct for child support and implied I didn't know how to plug the numbers in. he also shrugged off the fact that she included income from my second, part-time job, although statute says it is not to be used, and my ex's wasn't used. a week later, I got the copy of the judgment, and it was all so obvious... so I pointed out that if it had been stated at any time what income amount they were using for me, how many kids they were basing support on, I could have pointed out that I work extra to make ends meet, and I gave birth twice, not just once.

he charged me about $400 for the mistakes, even after apologizing because, as he said, he should have caught the mistakes.

whatever, dude. I've filed a motion to review. that extra $300 each month will help me keep my car.

and I guess I have to file something else to get a judgment for the extra legal fees I'm responsible for... I dunno, I haven't heard back from him about it, but I did put in the subject line of my email "Billing question - please don't read this if you're going to charge more." guess we'll see.