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I'd piss myself, I really would

today I got a packet of papers from my lawyer. I can't begin to convey the feeling of relief I have that I have someone taking care of this for me. it's worth all the money I went into debt for to make this happen.

if I was my ex, I'd piss myself. then I'd go get a lawyer. the main point of getting a lawyer would be to stop me (if I were him) from doing more stupid stuff. since I'm me and he's himself, I don't know what he'll do, but I know he'll think I'm not being fair. he'll complain to people about what a bitch I am. he'll get scared because his lies are getting looked at. then he'll either start looking for a lawyer, or he'll put every ounce of his energy into ignoring the situation, because when you ignore something hard enough, it might just go away.