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November 2006

less grey matter


pathological liars have less grey matter than average folk. I always wondered why my Narcissist didn't seem to go through the same thought processes that I did... like he skipped entire chunks of reasoning before spewing bullshit out of his mouth.


my Narcissist thinks he's a sensitive guy

his myspace page starts out "I am sensitive guy"... never mind that it makes him sound like a whiny neanderthal. I'm hung up on the word sensitive.

what does it mean that he's sensitive? Narcissists have no empathy, so when they feel, it's only the slights and criticism of others against them that they feel. if their children are hurt, their feelings are a result of the impact on their self-image -- embarrassment, irritation, rage, pride (that they made some recognition for their child possible by their very existance as the parent).